Thursday, October 21

This week has been busy for me already. There are a lot of big projects and events coming up, especially as a Student Ambassador. This Saturday is the first open house of the semester! There are many opportunities for prospective students to visit campus. We have daily tours, Saturday information sessions, and open houses. As a prospective student you must decide what type of visit works for you. A daily tour is an hour tour where a student tour guide shows you around campus. You will see the whole campus in a one hour walking hour. A Saturday information session occurs every other Saturday. At these information sessions you will come and listen to an admissions counselor explain some basic information about the college. The counselor will also answer any questions you may have about the college. The families are then broken up into groups and sent out on tour. At an open house you will get the most information about the college. You will go to an information session, 2 other sessions about majors you are interested in, and then you will have the opportunity to go out on tour. This does not have to be a full campus tour but it may be if you wish.

There are many different ways to visit campus. If you want to schedule a tour you can always call the admissions office. All of the dates for information sessions and open houses can be found on our Visit Opportunities page or on the St. John Fisher Freshman Admissions Facebook Page. Have a great week! Looking forward to seeing some of you at the open house Saturday!


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