Monday, December 13

Finals Week!

So finals week is here and my stress level is at a maximum. I've successfully navigated through one exam and now there's only two left. The key to exam week is definitely time management. It was really hard to give equal attention to all my classes that are holding finals so I find I'm more prepared for some than others. I took a Cell Biology test this morning and breezed right through it, but I'm nervous for my Physics test this afternoon. Now that exams are here I can see where I should have managed my time better so that I could be confident for all my exams. I'll be sure to start preparing earlier next semester!

I think next semester will run a little smoother. Its hard to get back in the swing of things in the fall coming off a 4 month summer break. The spring semester will be much better. Now that I'm a Junior I can take upper level courses. The upper level courses require a lot more effort because they are so different from introductory courses. The expectations are higher and the pace is much faster. It was important for me to form good study habits in my first year. This made it easier to adapt to those upper level courses this year.

Just a few more exams and then home for break! I'm going to miss my friends, but I love spending time with my family (and getting away from all the school work haha).

See ya!


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