Sunday, December 12

Hi Everyone!

Talk about a busy week here. It was the last week of classes and many of us are just getting ready for exams. The library is already crowded as I sit here and write this.

Many people have different schedules this week. If you live on campus you had 24 hours after your last exam to leave the residence halls. I can tell you that people are already packing though. It is a very exciting time on campus. There is a lot going on and with this amount of snow that we got this week it really feels like Christmas. We live in a great area because there are so many neighborhoods around. The other night my friends and I went driving to see all the Christmas lights that people hung. It is a lot of fun. Many people are finding a balance between studying and hanging out with friends these last couple of days because when next week rolls around there will not be as much free time with all the exams, meetings, and final to do’s that people have going on.

I am looking forward to finishing, myself! Have a great week everyone!


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