Wednesday, December 8

Snow Finally Comes to Fisher!

Well, the snow has fallen….and is still falling! Rochester is covered with lots and lots of snow! I am not a huge fan of the snow especially when I have to drive everyday in it to student teach, but I am surviving! Last night, my friends and I had to brush our cars off and that is all I thought we were going to do. Wellll that is not exactly all that happened! My friends and I decided to play in it and spent over an hour having some fun in the snow! It was a nice break from doing work and I even have to admit, it was fun! What I did not enjoy was today trying to dig my car out in the morning so I could go and student teach! I think I may have to get a shovel pretty soon if this snow keeps up so I can dig my car out!!

This is my last full week of student teaching. I am looking forward to the end of the semester because I will finally get to relax! Student teaching is like having a real job! It will be nice to be back on campus next semester! Well, I better get back to my work and get to bed early because I know it will be another early morning tomorrow digging my car out, once again!


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