Wednesday, December 15

Last Week of the Semester!

I can not believe this semester is basically over! My last fall semester here at Fisher is coming to an end real fast and I do not really like that! Time is going by way too quickly! This week is finals week, but since I am student teaching, I do not have to take any finals! Last week was my solo week of student teaching and on Friday I found out I PASSED student teaching! Wahooo! After all the hard work I have done this semester, it was such a relief to find out I passed!

Tonight, I am going to zumba! Everyday there are different stress free activities offered to students so you can take break from studying! I loved zumba the last time I took it, so my friends and I are going again!

Well, I better start packing to go home! Friday will be here before I know it, and then it’s off to Christmas break!


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