Monday, February 21

Hi Everyone!

So I had the Teddi Dance for Love this weekend, that 24 hour dance marathon I talked about in last weeks post. I am so tired! However it was so much fun. I didn't sleep at all but my friends brought air mattresses to lay on and it was perfect. We danced so much, my favorite theme hour as always was country hour. Terry Clifford from WBEE, the Rochester country radio station, came and took requests, and it was so much fun. Also when the campers from Camp Good Days came they had dance offs and we got to talk to them and dance with them and it was great. I feel so warm inside knowing how much we did for these kids! We raised $44,564,89 this year!!!!!!!!! This will go towards the kids trip to Florida! I am so excited and so tired so I'm going to get some sleep, long week this week, then Spring Break!



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