Monday, October 17

Fall Break

Saturday was a very relaxing day for me. This past weekend was Fall Break so we didn’t have classes on Friday. It was nice for me because I am an Education major and got to spend an entire day observing at a high school. I was able to sleep in and it was definitely welcomed since I had to wake up so early for school on Friday. I spent Saturday catching up on a lot of reading for a book report I had due today.

I am currently taking 20 credits and am very involved on campus. I am on Student Government and a Peer Advisor in addition to being a Student Ambassador for Admissions. It’s nice to get time to catch up on stuff I put off all week. It’s even nicer to put that stuff off to take a nap. These are the glorious moments that weekends have to offer that are oh so difficult to find during the week.

At night I decided to go to watch Transformers 3 in the Campus Center. Our Campus Center Managers were putting the event on and students got to watch the movie for free on a projector. There were a lot of people there to watch it so it was a pretty cool event. The best part of it was the free popcorn though. Popcorn is one of my favorite foods to eat and I would eat it every night if I could.

Talk to everyone next week!

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