Monday, October 24

[From Friday Oct 21]

Hey Everyone,

All right so I have to make this really quick, this week has been a week full of stress and LOTS of studying. As some of you may know this week was Midterms week and many of us around campus were stressed to our max. The best part about today is that it is FRIDAY!!! Meaning all the tests are over with and it’s time to relax and have a fun time. Some are going home, some are going shopping and some, like myself, are looking for a good scare to unwind. Tonight some students are going with a group of Fisher students with RSA (Resident Student Association) to the Haunted Hayride here in Rochester. I am sooo looking forward to this; it’s going to be a great finish to a stressful week. This has been quite the experience; I survived my first midterms and next come finals. It does not seem possible that we are already halfway through a semester. Until next time, everyone enjoy your weekend. Hope you continue to read regularly :)


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