Monday, October 24

[From Sat Oct 22]

This has been a very busy weekend so far. Friday night I went on a trip to a haunted hayride with RSA, our residential student association. It was so much fun!! I had never been on one before and quickly realized how exciting it was. The trip was wildly popular and even had a waiting list of over 50 people! Luckily for me all of my friends got to go as well so I got to go on the hayride with them.

On Saturday I spent the beginning of the day doing homework. This is extremely rare because I almost never do homework on a Saturday. Instead I always procrastinate and do it Sunday, more specifically late Sunday night.. But anyway it was really important that I did because I had a ton of homework to do this weekend. Once again this is mostly because I procrastinated and instead of doing earlier in the week I put it off until now. Had I not done my homework I would never have seen my friend. They invited me and a bunch of other people to watch the Alphabet Killer in their room that night. This movie is about a serial killer that was in Rochester in the 70s I believe. Now some people might think it was scary because it was local but I think it’s fascinating because it’s a movie about the place I now live in!

One of my assignments I have to do this weekend is to create a lesson plan for my field placement. I am an Education major so I have a field placement in a school and get to help teach the class. I have been doing the social studies unit for the last 3 weeks in class and it has been a very positive learning experience. This is the only assignment I am looking forward to do because I will be presenting it to the students. Now I really need to get going so I can do all of this homework I’ve been talking about.. Plus I have a lot of football to watch today! Talk to you all next week, go Dolphins!

- Matt

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