Monday, October 31

Hello Everybody!

I hope you all got a chance to come check out Fisher this past weekend at our first Open House of the year! If you didn’t, don’t worry there will be plenty more opportunities. It is crazy to think that this semester is coming to a close, and this week we will be receiving our PINs to register for classes for next semester….AHHHHHH!!! Registration is super easy here at Fisher, however everyone is a little on edge making sure their schedule is perfect for the upcoming semester. As a Freshman you will have a ton of guidance on choosing classes and making sure you are picking the right things. Once you are an upperclassman you get a PIN number based on how many credits you have and that PIN will correspond with a time and date during registration week. The more credits you have the better your registration time will be, this means make sure you transfer in those AP, IB, and Distance Learning credits because they will help you here! Once your time slot opens up you just jump online to Fish’ R Net (which is your life here at Fisher… you will learn all about it) and register! It doesn’t get much easier than that! I will give you an update on what classes I am choosing and let you know if I got a good registration time or not=)

Talk to you all soon!!!


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