Saturday, October 15

Hey Everyone,

My name is Tyler Ferguson; I am a new freshman here at St. John Fisher. Let me start off by talking a little about myself. I graduated from Whitesboro High School it’s a fairly large school near Utica, NY. At one time Utica was a big booming city however now it’s pretty dead. I applied to Fisher with every intention of attending ever since the moment I visited the school. Fisher was my favorite school which I visited and I cannot imagine being in any other school beside here. Since being her I have assumed the position as a new Student Ambassador as well as my Freshmen Class Secretary. I am a Political Science and Legal Studies Major with a Minor in French. Fisher is my new home, today was a recess day and I took the opportunity to go home for the first time since moving in back in September. It is a strange experience being home; I already miss my Fisher family and am looking forward to returning back on campus. I never expected that I, a family oriented person, would not want to be back home as much as I do right now. I would like to take the time to ask you all to continue reading my blog and I hope that you will continue to follow me through my first year at Fisher. I will gladly answer any questions which any of my readers have. If you have questions feel free to email me at . I look forward to writing about my Fisher experiences and hope you enjoy the blog. Thank you, have a great read Tyler. :)

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