Sunday, October 16

Hi All!

My name is Brittany & I am a junior at Fisher. Since this is my first post, I thought I would introduce myself! I am a Childhood/Special Education major with 3 minors too. I absolutely love being an Education student here; if any of you are considering a teaching career, I would HIGHLY suggest Fisher’s program! It’s absolutely incredible and we receive a TON of
experience, starting freshman year. I am also a Student Ambassador on campus, which means I work at the Open Houses and give tours throughout the year (hopefully, we’ll see all of you soon!). This is my first year as a Peer Advisor as well and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Being a Peer Advisor, I teach a class of freshmen and help them become more comfortable as a new student on campus. It’s been a challenging and exciting experience so far; I can’t wait to tell you more! That’s enough about me for today…!

One of my FAVORITE things about Fisher is Brunch on the weekends. There is always delicious food here, but Brunch is the best. It’s served from 11-2 on Saturdays & Sundays and everyone is always in comfy clothes; it’s a lazy sort of meal, perfect for busy weekends! I just ate this morning and now I’m STUFFED!

Homework, homework, homework… That’s what Sundays are for. This week, I have a to-do list that just keeps going and going and going. I have 6 classes this semester and a major assignment due for each of them in the next few days. :( Once you go to college, time management is probably the most important skill you’ll learn. It helps to stay focused and motivated; that way, there is less stress to contend with!

This is all I can post for now because I actually have to go give a tour! I’ll write again soon…

Have a fantastic week everyone!

Brittany :)

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