Saturday, October 15

Hey guys!!

My name is Amanda Scheutzow and I am a Junior here at Fisher. I am majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing and I love it! I am involved in many different clubs here at Fisher as well. I am the VP of my class (2013), I'm a Student Ambassador (I give tours!), I am a part of Spring Event (helps with the Spring Concert! That club is really fun), and I play intramural sports! I used to play Varsity Lacrosse but no longer because of my knee. But I def suggest playing sports if you want to! It's so fun and you get to meet a ton of new people and get to keep off that freshman 15!

This weekend is Fall Break, meaning we get off on Friday! So we didn't have any classes and we all got to sleep in....finally! A lot of people use this weekend to go home and visit the family and catch up on much needed sleep, but I am staying here! My group of friends and I are going out to dinner then having a movie night...perfect for a Friday night! I am excited to relax and hang out with my friends. I hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend too!

Talk to you soon :)

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