Friday, October 14


So my name is Ed and I am a freshman here at St. John Fisher College, lovin’ life. I’m studying Pre-Med and Psychology in hopes of becoming a Psychiatrist (well if I survive chemistry first!) I am originally from Greece, New York which is only 20 minutes away or 15 if I am driving…don’t tell my mom. My town is really unique because all of our schools are named after Greek Gods and it is right on Lake Ontario. We like to pretend we have a nice beach but it’s not that exciting when there is a risk of dissolving in the water (boo to pollution). But hey, there’s the best sushi place there. It evens it out I guess?

Anyways, I got really lucky because two of my best friends came to Fisher too (you’re welcome for your shout out Natt and Kaleigh). There is never a dull moment, believe me. I was nervous at first that coming in with close friends I would only cling to them and not branch out to new people but I was totally wrong. I have met so many friends on my floor and through my classes it is unreal. I was so nervous I wouldn’t like my roommates or fit in in general but I was completely wrong. I love my roommates like brothers from another mother. Looking back it's crazy how I got nervous for absolutely no reason!

I’m also a Student Ambassador on campus which is so awesome. Although I am still relatively new to it, I feel completely welcomed and a part of the Ambassador family. Giving tours is really fun and I’ve learned much more about this College than I ever thought I would. Plus the fact that it counts as work study isn’t too shabby either! Getting involved is definitely a way I am planning on meeting new friends and becoming a strong part of the Fisher COMMUNITY.

I’m really glad to be blogging for Fisher and I hope you all continue to read my blog!

Until next time…

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