Tuesday, November 8

AFC East showdown

[From Sunday]

This weekend for me has been mostly focused on the Bills game today. As I mentioned before I am a Dolphins fan but because I am from Rochester and go to Fisher, I have supported the Bills over the years. I also hate the Jets. My friends are huge Bills fans so we have been planning to watch the game on my friends 50 inch 3D TV. Now I know what you’re thinking, why does a college kid have a 50 inch 3D TV? I’m kind of thinking the same thing. My friend’s father does very well financially and we have tended to look past the expensive gifts he gets for birthdays and holidays. I want to make it clear, he’s not spoiled, but he’s definitely privileged.

Anyway back to the Bills! We all are pumped for the game and I have been wearing my plastic Bills helmet all morning including right now. We got a bunch of pizza, wings, dip, and pop in anticipation for the game. We actually are all sitting watching the pregame shows as I’m writing this. I have a book report due on Wednesday that I really need to make some progress on this weekend; however it has all been put on hold. It’s Sunday in Bills country and the Bills are fighting for the division for the first time in what seems like a century. What else would anyone be doing?


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