Tuesday, November 8

Hey everyone. It's been a busy week at Fisher as usual, especially with registration coming up. As I talked about before, choosing classes is exciting and a bit confusing. It will all work out though because with my Freshman Seminar class, I have been advised on which core and classes for my major to take. I'm really looking forward to next semester and getting to know even more people than I already do!

Last night at Fisher the Teddi Dance for Love Committee which raises money for Camp Good Days had a 5 guys fundraiser. Anyone who wanted 5 Guys for dinner got to go for a good cause! And even though freshmen cannot have cars on campus, it all worked out because of the free RTS bus service Fisher offers to all students. The fundraiser was a huge success and everyone is looking forward to February when the 30th Teddi Dance for Love will happen. Though I have not been to the dance marathon before, I have heard so much about it because of how much everyone loves it that I am beginning to get very excited about it too!

Speaking of dances, tonight's event is "Dancing the Night Away", a thrilling night of salsa dancing. A local dance teacher who specializes in ballroom dance techniques is coming to Fisher for the night to teach different and not commonly known versions of dance. I don't know about you but I don't know how to ballroom dance and I think it would be a lot of fun!!

Along with all this talk of dance, Urinetown the musical is coming along very well. Rehearsals continue every night and the pit band (which I am in) is joining the cast tonight. The production will be next Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you're in the area come see the show! I've been told it's very good. Guess I'll find out tonight. Time to rehearse!

Until next week,


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