Wednesday, November 9

You Got My Vote

Yesterday, November 8, 2011 was an election day for the general public as most of you probably know. What you don’t know is that through Fisher I was able to get an election inspector job. In other terms, I participated in distributing ballots, checking the registered voter in the book, and making sure the site was neat and tidy. Do you know what time sites open at though? 6:00am.! All of the teenagers right now are probably having a heart attack if they never have to get up this early in their life like me. Don’t sweat it though, because it sure was worth it. With Christmas coming I am really glad that St. John Fisher offers student opportunities such as the one I participated in on Election Day, because college really is a full time job during the day. I want to focus on my grades more so than on work. I do work in the Office of Admissions as well, but of course the more opportunity to earn cash the better. We all know it too!

As far as my experiences at the polling site go I had a blast. I am not one to get too close to politics for fear of it biting back, but in all honestly I learned a lot more than I ever did in a History Class or an Economics Class. The hands on experience of how specific officials that govern most of our lives is right at our fingertips. The sad part is though that most of the population lets that chance to have a say in what goes on slide right by. I bet if it were to decide who would star in the next big movie with the next big star, then the polling sites would never be empty.
Go vote!

Until next time…….Later!


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