Tuesday, November 22


It's only a two-day week at Fisher but it was a very eventful weekend! Urinetown was this weekend and it was a big success. Everyone had a ton of fun with it and I heard that people really liked it - good thing! Most people are going home today or tomorrow for the holiday but even though everyone is leaving, the campus is already starting to feel the holiday spirit. At my RSA meeting this weekend an event in one of the upperclassmen dorms (Keough) was discussed about celebrating a different holiday event on each floor. One will celebrate Hanukkah, another Christmas, and the last Kwanzaa. Also, they plan to take a picture of the building with lights in the windows and send them to the resident's homes as a happy holidays card. The dining hall is even getting holiday spirit. There are trees with lights and Christmas music is playing already. There are snowmen and other festive decorations all over which is already getting everyone into the holiday spirit.

Door decorating contests are being planned to be held the week we come back from break with prizes for the best door in the hall. This was by request from the residents - proof that Fisher students really do have a say here on campus. Also, after break, I bought $20 tickets to see a Sabres game through RSA with transportation and everything. I am so excited! I have been to a hockey game before but never one this imprtant. It is so easy to get a group together to go to something like that, especially with the cheap prices, and I think that it will be a ton of fun. There is also a trip to Waterloo Outlets on an upcoming Sunday for only $2!! That includes transportation too! Why not spend a day shopping or walking around, especially when the holidays are coming and the best sales will be held? What a great opportunity!

P.S. It has been almost a semester and I still love Fisher. It is a great place for me and I find myself calling it home a lot. It really is my home away from home.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!,


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