Monday, November 28

Hello all!

I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving with your family and friends! This weekend was an awesome time for us because we got to go home after Tuesday's classes and have a few days to relax and not do anything!! Don't get me wrong I still had some homework to do but nothing too major. It's very scary because now we only have 3 weeks left of this semester! Time goes by so quickly in college!

For the first time, like ever, I went Black Friday shopping....and it was insane. People are crazy!!! I needed to get a few things for London and some stores had some great deals so my mom and I went out Thursday night and Friday. I'm not a huge fan of shopping on normal days so it was a little too crazy for me!! I'm sure some of you went out and found some great deals because I know I did! The lines to pay are just so long! SJFC is super close to Eastview Mall and that's where we went shopping. Eastview is an awesome shopping center, they have all the major/popular stores so you can get everything you need. Also SJFC has a shuttle service that takes students to the mall on certain days! So if you are looking to go on a shopping spree or just have to pick up something - transporation is provided for you! There is also another shuttle that takes students to Pittsford Plaza, which has a ton of stores and places to eat! (Not to mention Wegmans!)

Just talking about all this shopping makes me tired all over again! Going to go hang out with some friends from high school now because I haven't seen them in forever!!! Enjoy your week!

- Amanda

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