Monday, November 28

Hey Guys!!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! I just got back Sunday from being home and I really enjoyed myself. I was home for 6 days, but it definitely did not feel like it. The week went by so fast, but it was still nice to be home and see family. Now that I am back to school I only have 2 weeks of classes left and a week of finals. I can’t believe the first semester is almost over. Now that I only have 2 weeks left of actual classes that means that I have a ton of work to do! Next week I have 3 tests and 2 papers to write, which is a lot of work to do but I am confident that I can get it all done. I know that with the next 2 weeks being so busy that just means that it will go by really fast. I am looking forward to the semester ending so I can have a nice long break from schoolwork and just some time to relax. Until that break comes I will keep enjoying my time at school and prepare for the holidays J I hope you all had a great break, caught up on sleep and enjoyed your time with your family. Have a great week!!


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