Monday, November 28

Hello Everyone,

I hope everybody’s Thanksgiving’s were great!!! Here at Fisher we are on the home stretch - I cannot believe it! We only have two weeks of classes and then finals, and then the semester is over. One of my favorite events on campus actually takes place during finals week. Stress Free Week happens the week of final exams, and it gives students some opportunities to kick back and relax in between studying and test taking. There are things like aqua massages, mani’s and pedi’s, back and neck massages, musical performances, games, and of course a lot of prizes!

So don’t worry if you think finals will kick your butt (which they will), at least we have ways to get you back in the fighting spirit. It is nice to have an activity going on every day so that there is always something to take your mind off of exams for a little while.



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