Tuesday, November 29


WOAH…is it bad if I’m still full?! This Thursday as everyone knows was Thanksgiving! One of the few days you actually have an excuse to eat the tons of food you usually do anyways…well at least in my case with all the food we have here at Fisher. I celebrate Thanksgiving at my grandpa’s house every year. My aunt visits from Albany and the whole family is together. This is the first time I’ve had to come home for a holiday dinner which was something different for everyone in my family! It was great to see them all again finally and eat so much good food! Mashed Potatoes have got to be my favorite with homemade gravy! I’m making myself hungry! Unfortunately, I had to work at my job at the movie theater but at least I got time and a half! Gotta love making money. There are so many things I am thankful for this year: my family, friends and the huge amount of community felt here at Fisher! I hope everyone had a very happy and safe holiday! NOW BRING ON WINTER BREAK!!

~Ed B

P.S. CONGRATS to the varsity football team for winning the next round of the playoffs and entering the Elite Eight! Top 8 in the nation is not too shabby! Hopefully we can bring home the victory! YOU CAN DO IT GUYS!

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