Friday, November 11

Hello all!

I hope all of your weeks went well! Mine was very busy as usual, I had a huge test to study for on Thursday so that basically consumed my entire week. Studying is easily the worst form of homework because you feel like you can never reallllly be done with it. There is always something more you can do. But ya gotta do it! Luckily, studying pays off so it is worth it. But I wanted to tell you guys about the SJFC commerical I was in over the weekend! It was an amazing experience! There were a ton of different people from school there doing different parts so it was fun to hang out on set with everyone. I showed up around 9:30am to the studio and checked in and talked with the fashion expert and director! Then I got my hair and makeup done, which was fun because it makes you feel important! Then we took some candid's and stills in the studio with the various SJFC students and then we filmed. My scene was basically me being super excited and saying "YES!" into the camera....I totally look like a dork but oh well hahahaha :) It was professional though because they gave me a nice new suit to wear! My second scene was me and a friend performing a high five...that actually took a ton of "takes" to get it just right believe it or not! Overall, it was such a fun experience, definitely better than studying, and I encourage you to take advantage of little fun opportunities like this that Fisher has to offer!!! (The perks weren't bad either because I got a Barnes and Noble gift card and I got to keep the suit!!!!!!! SCORE!) That's all for now! Have a great weekend.


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