Monday, November 14

Hi guys!

I hope you all had a great weekend and thank you for coming to the Open House! I wanted to talk to you guys about what your living situation is going to be like freshman year because I got a lot of questions about it at Open House. I know that coming to college your freshman year is very nerve-wracking and a lot of students are nervous about the roommate situation. As a freshman 2/3 of you will be in a triple, but you shouldn’t worry about the room size because these rooms were meant to be triples so there will be enough room for everyone. Everyone gets their own dresser, closet, and desk. Typically in a triple one bed is lofted with the desk underneath it and the other beds are bunked. Also, as a freshman you are roomed based on your learning community, so this means that the people in your living space have the same interests as you and you will have 2 classes with them. This is not only a great way to meet the people on your floor, but it is also a great resource if you need help with homework or have any questions. As a Freshman and during my first semester sophomore year I was housed in a triple and I never had any problems. When I found out who my roommates were, I found them on Facebook and talked to them and we determined who was going to bring what for the room. It was a really good way to get to know my future roommates before coming to school and I would highly recommend you do this too. I was not best friends with my roommates and we did not hang out 24/7, but we got along in the room and this made for a really nice living environment. Overall, I know that the whole rooming process is stressful, but if you communicate with the people on your floor and your roommates it will make everything a lot easier. Get to know your roommates as soon as you can and also set the boundaries early so everyone knows what is expected of each other and there shouldn’t be any problems J

Have a great week!!


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