Friday, November 11

This week I was a regular guinea pig for the upperclassmen Psychology majors. I participated in 3 studies. If you didn’t know if you take Intro to Psychology you have to get 5 study credits by participating in various studies on campus. These studies are really cool and all student run! Today I did one where I got to rate different named drinks and another where I rated bubble gum. Through conditioning with picture slideshows the researchers can gauge how positive and negative pictures when paired with the drinks or bubble gum change our perspective on the different products. Pretty sneaky if you ask me!... but in a totally cool way. Reminds me of commercials these days and how each product is advertised with an attractive spokesperson or celebrity in flawless surroundings to make the viewer want to buy! I myself am a Psychology major so I love going to these studies and getting an idea for what awaits me in my future years in the program.

Also on campus this week in the LeChase Commons you might have noticed the many large cardboard boxes. If you got close enough to read the facts listed, it was to spread awareness on the growing epidemic of homelessness in our country! We all should realize how lucky we are to have a home here at Fisher right now because so many people are living on the streets with nothing! Never take that for granted!

Have an awesome weekend and until next time…


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