Friday, November 18

Hello friends,

Another week comes to an end. This semester is flying by and we literally only have three weeks left until winter break! That is absolutely crazy, college goes by so fast so make sure you make the most out of it and make it last! We only have two more days of classes until Thanksgiving break!! I am very excited to go home and spend time with my family, and eat a delicious Thanksgiving dinner obviously! I also need to catch up on much needed sleep and all the TV shows that I have missed during the weeks! Luckily all my huge tests and projects were completed this week so I don’t have any major assignments or studying to do over break. I am very excited about that because now I can really relax!

Currently I am blogging from a fundraiser that the Class of 2013 is putting on! I am the class Vice President and my fellow officers and I decided to put on a fundraiser at a local restaurant! It is called Corner Bakery; it is similar to a Panera! It is very delicious and comfortable/cozy inside. Basically it works like this….my officers and I created flyers and advertised to the campus this past week. Students and faculty then come in today from 4-9pm and order anything they want and then we get 15% of the total profits! It is pretty fun and the restaurant has Wi-Fi so I can be blogging right now! It is just another nice option for students at Fisher to eat some different food!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Eat lots of turkey!!!

Gobble gobble….


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