Saturday, November 5

Hey everyone!

I can't believe how quickly this semester is flying. So I'm looking at the calendar today and realized there are only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving. On Tuesday night in our SWAV meeting (students with a vision) we ended up making cards for the elderly in the Friendly Home. It was so fun because we actually used finger paints. I mean come on, when is the last time you got to use finger paints? Sometime in the next couple of weeks we are going to deliver the cards and it will be so great to see the happy faces of those getting the cards. So this is the card I made:

I know my artistic abilities are just astounding. But hey, I mean I tried and I have to say the Turkey on the front is pretty cute.

Anyways, enough about my artistic endeavors haha. Today, we had a Pre-Law meeting and we had Tony Laduca come in as our guest speaker. It was interesting to hear him speak because we haven't heard as much about the civil end of being a lawyer. The more I hear speakers, I realize the more choices I have after law school. It's so scary to think in less than six years I'll be out of law school and I'll actually have to make a solid decision on what kind of law I want to go into. While this is scary, it is so exciting. I'm nervous but so excited to be building up to that point in my life. I'll tell you something though, without all the positive reinforcement from alumni at Fisher who did exactly what I am doing, I know I would be a lot more nervous. Thankful for them, I know it can and will be done :)

Anyways, it's time to do some work and go to until next time....

*Kate :)

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