Saturday, November 5

Midterms are over but that doesn’t mean it is time to relax just yet! I am currently getting everything together to go meet with my advisor about next semester. Each student receives an Advisor within their major to help keep you on track, answer your questions and give you advice about which classes you should take.

After my meeting with my Advisor I have a group meeting with my Sport Management group. Our project is all about developing a promotion for the Rochester Red Wings (baseball team). Last week we got an opportunity to meet with the General Manager of the team which was really cool. He also brought in two Fisher alums that currently work in the team’s front office. Ironically enough the alumni were in the same Sport Marketing class and did the same case study 4 years ago and now they are working for the team. The best part about the project is that the Red Wings are going to pick the best promotion and implement it this summer at a game. Talk about an excellent resume’ builder!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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