Saturday, November 5

Hey Everyone!

This week has been so busy but there has been a lot of fun things going on, too. One of the biggest things I've been thinking about this week is course registration for next semester. It's kind of exciting that now that it's almost spring semester I get to pick my own classes and professors. Coming into college in the fall I did not get to pick, but that also made things less stressful as I didn't know what to expect. Now that I've been here for a few months I have a good idea of what I want to take. The department meetings for each major were really helpful too because the professors in that department told everyone of us which classes we have to take to stay in good shape for the major. Being a chem major, next semester I'm going to take chem, calc II, my research writing class that's mandatory for all freshman and and elective class that will fill a core requirement needed to graduate. My freshman seminar class is really helpful in this part of registering for classes because everyone got a packet of the options for research writing. There are so many and a lot of them seem really interesting. There are science based ones, children's lit, modern evil, and Irish lit just to name a few!

The exciting things coming up on campus are Pajama Palooza and a trip to Color Me Mine. The Pajama Palooza is a party in campus mainstage for the entire campus where everyone will wear their pajamas and get together as a reminder to set clocks back for day light savings. I heard there will be movies and games and lots of food! There is also a prize for the person with the best pajamas so people are going all out. The RSA trip to Color Me Mine in Pittsford Plaza is already full because of all the interest. Luckily, I signed up early enough to get on the list. I've never been there but everyone tells me its the place to go because of my interest in pottery. When going there we will get to paint whatever type of pottery we want to and let is glaze so it can be used.

Finally, Halloween was great here. There was a Harry Potter 7 Part 2 showing that many people went to, pumpkin carving and painting, trick or treating around campus, and Halloween dinner.

All of the staff for Lackmann Services dressed up for when they served us food. The food was delicious and had spooky names to add to the chilling effect. The best part was the themes desserts, monster cupcakes and Frankenstein brownies. I can't wait to have another great week at Fisher!

Talk to you next week,


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