Wednesday, November 2

Who says 18 is too old to go trick or treating?

Ever seen the movie, A Christmas Story? Well, apparently dressing up in a pink bunny costume like Ralphie from the movie is not enough evidence to convince some people that I am young enough to go trick or treating on Halloween night. Halloween is still all about getting free candy from surrounding neighborhoods for this college girl and many of the other residents that live on my floor. I still enjoy sitting on Santa’s lap at Christmas, so why can’t I still enjoy running to as many houses as I can on Halloween to collect enough candy to make me sick? Honestly, I do it anyways no matter what the answers to those questions are. Some people though just might not see you trick or treating as a good thing and instead deny you candy all together. Yes, I am still shocked that this could happen to a girl wearing a pink bunny costume. I have enough candy in my dorm room to last me until summer, so I am one happy college student no matter what else happened that night.

St. John Fisher also put on a lot of great events to put people in the Halloween mood. Because I am always in the Halloween mood, the event I attended made me that much more excited for the big day. How cool is this? The college had Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters International come to speak to students about his own paranormal experience and facts that could help me with my own aspirations to be a ghost hunter extraordinaire. Even if I cry during scary movies, of course I can still see myself all alone in the dark waiting to be contacted by spirits. After his fascinating discussion about different entities, fake vs. real, and his own life experiences on the show some students, the lucky chosen few, got to go on a ghost hunt at St. John Fisher. There is a story that Kearney Hall is haunted, and Dustin Pari, with his gear rearing to go, wanted to give us the opportunity to explore this legend with him. Sadly, no evidence was found to our knowledge so the myth stays as a myth. However, what a cool experience for someone so fascinated with Halloween and spirits! I am talking about myself indeed, because it was one of the most insightful lessons on paranormal activity….no pun intended.

Until next time….Have a great day!


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