Saturday, November 5

This week was a big week for the Diversity Office! It was Four Freedoms Week and many different events were housed on campus ranging from speakers, to videos, to awareness trainings. This week was a great opportunity for freshmen to attend an event for their freshmen seminar class. I’m planning on attending an event tonight! Also, I’m sure everyone has seen the t-shirts hanging all around the LeChase Commons quad area. They are EVERYWHERE so it would be hard to miss them. Each shirt had tips, statistics, or memories regarding abuse and violence. Although we as humans may try to avoid these tough subjects it would be really great to take a minute out of your day and stop and look at these shirts. Although, I have been lucky enough to not have been physically or sexually abused, it shows how prevalent this issue is in our society today. It also shows that you are definitely NOT alone. There are so many resources to ask for help and so many people that can empathize and help you heal. Never let your mind trick you into thinking you are alone! Anyone can talk to a Mental Health Counselor in the Wellness Center and outside of Fisher there are different outlets for assistance!

On a lighter note, I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I went trick or treating as a nerd! I must say I rocked the whole nerd look. You are never too old to do silly, childish things! Never forget that.

Until next time!
~Ed Buell

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