Thursday, November 17

Hey everyone!

Well it's one week to Thanksgiving. I can't wait! I am going to visit my uncle in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and then Black Friday shopping at the Lee Outlets in MA. I hope I get great deals for Christmas gifts! Despite all these great plans I still have projects to work on over Thanksgiving break. The good thing about Thanksgiving break though is that I can get caught up on my work and come back refreshed for two weeks of classes and then finals. I cannot believe Christmas is only one month and a week away. This semester just flew by! It will be so weird to be home for a month for winter break. I get so used to being here but it'll be great to be home for a long period of time!

We registered for classes this week for next semester! I am loving my schedule for next semester. I registered on Monday which was the first day because I am an Honors student and we go first which is really nice for getting all the classes I want. I don't have class until 11:15am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next semester! Hello sleeping in! It is going to be a great semester I can tell! There's still a little bit of the semester left so I am going to focus on that before I get too excited about next semester though haha. Well have a great week everyone!....until next time.....

* Kate :)

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