Monday, November 7


Did you hear?!.... IT’S 100 DAYS UNTIL TEDDI!!!!!! Teddi Dance for Love is our annual twenty-four hour dance marathon to benefit the children of Camp Good Days and Special Times. This year will mark the 30th anniversary of the Teddi Dance for Love, and everyone is very excited to participate.

At the dance there are different themes for every hour, so at 9pm you could be a cowgirl and then at 1am you could be a Disney princess. Everyone stays up the whole twenty four hours and tries to keep one another energized and spirited. Fisher students are actually starting a Twitter campaign to try to get Ellen DeGeneres to come to Teddi this year! It makes perfect sense - Ellen loves to dance and so do we! We will see if our wishes come true.

Feel free to come check out the Teddi dance, and also consider joining it when you come to Fisher. It is a great organization to be involved with! I cannot wait to dance the night away for such a great cause.

Talk to You All Soon!


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