Saturday, November 5

I am going to count backwards from 5 and when I get to 1 you will read my blog….. 5…4…3…2…1…

Ok, so I am sure by now you are wondering what that was about huh? Well let’s just say that we had a lot of fun on campus this week with a Hypnotist! Kevin Hurley world famous Hypnotist came to St. John Fisher College this past Tuesday. Have you ever thought that hypnosis is a fluke? Well I sure did until this past Tuesday. Hurley took random members of the audience and used them as his clients. I suppose I knew it was going to be funny as soon as he began the hypnosis process, and students were already on the ground in a trance within a few minutes. Watching people get up on stage eagerly awaiting the process was a hit to start with. Some look frightened, some looked as though it was Christmas morning in November. As the process started Hurley made the students believe that they were in a limousine with no A/C on a startling 120 degree day. It was so funny watching these people begin to rip off their sweat shirts and actually sweat. Although this was funny enough the real fun did not start until he had a male “give birth” have you ever thought what it would be like to see a male imitate giving birth? Well let me tell you something… HILARIOUS!! If you have never seen or experienced the process of hypnosis try and see it at least once. I think if he were to come back next year I will personally volunteer myself. So if you attend Fisher next fall look for the Hypnotist event and maybe you’ll see me do a crazy act on stage.

Ok so I don’t think I will dehypnotize you just yet. Why? Because! Because, you need to continue reading my blogs for the weeks to come! Mwahahaha. Hope you enjoy the blogs, see you all next week! :D


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