Monday, November 21

Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend

The brightest part about this weekend is that we have break coming up! I definitely love being at Fisher, but who doesn’t like all they get to eat on Thanksgiving? I think everyone here is excited for the 3 day break coming up. Luckily for me my professors have been just as excited as the students. I do not have any homework for all but 2 of my classes, lucky me!

One of my good friends had her 22 birthday this weekend. We went out last night to celebrate her birthday and got some delicious food at a local restaurant. I think that’s my favorite part about Fisher. There are sooo many places with good food within 15 minutes. Even freshmen can get off campus to go to the restaurants. We have a shuttle on Friday and Saturday that can take anyone to a local plaza on one day and a local mall on the other!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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