Friday, December 9

Hello again!

Well classes are officially over for me! This past week was super busy and stressful because we had to wrap up everything in each class but it’s now over. It’s honestly so crazy to believe because this semester went by so fast! Next week is considered “stress free week” because it’s finals week. (Which is the complete opposite of what the week actually is!) RAs, Clubs, and different organizations typically put on a ton of different events to prevent students from getting overwhelmed and stressed. These programs are so nice and actually help! They put on massages events, spa days, game nights, exercise classes and a ton of other fun and active activities to do to get your mind off of finals!! Next week I have four finals: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Yep…so I’ll be at campus for another week and will get to go home on Saturday! At least there is no other work to do besides studying. And at least my finals are kind of spread out so I don’t have more than one in one day! Those are always the worst.

The weirdest part of all of this is that I won’t be coming back for the spring semester. So Saturday will be my last day at Fisher until I get back from London. I think that is the reason I am sad because it doesn’t feel real!! Last night I went over to my friend Laura’s house to hang out, make cookies, and watch a movie! She is my friend who just got back from Italy (studying abroad) so we had a ton to catch up on; we literally just talked for hours! I missed her so much and the sad thing is that we don’t have much time together before I leave so it’s almost like we aren’t together for an entire year. This is hard for me because we are in the same major so we take classes together and help each other out for studying and projects! This past semester was kind of hard without my study buddy! But studying abroad is a one-time opportunity and if anyone has the chance to go, you have to go!!! (Because your friends will be waiting for you when you get home :) )

Well I think it’s time to go study!!! I hope you all have a less-stressful weekend than me!

- Amanda

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