Wednesday, December 7

We will miss you!

These last weeks of school before winter break are bittersweet. Sure going home to my dog, oh and my family too is exactly what I need, but when I return someone else will not be. My R.A. is leaving for Spain in the beginning of January, before we even return to school.

I have her to accredit as one of the best resources this school has to offer. I mean it! No one thinks that they will be close with their R.A. in the fall, because all they want to do is get sweet revenge on us. In reality though, I would not have been as happy my first year of college without her there to just be there when I needed her. As much as I wish the best for her in Spain, I don’t think things will ever be the same. I am selfish in saying so, but I want her for myself.

I was a very vulnerable student my first couple of months at St. John Fisher, and Jonnie was there to give her advice, help me plan and schedule, and to accept me as the person I aspire to be. She kept my floor alive like a family. She attends club meetings with us, plans events on the floor that we want to see, and best of all she revises papers that count for 50% of a final grade. She is nothing short of my hero at least! If anyone doesn’t know...50% of a grade relying on one paper puts a lot of pressure on one brain. However, Fisher has picked the perfect person to see these situations through. Thank God for her editing skills and her placement as my R.A.

I can’t wait until she returns so that she can be more than my R.A. but just another one of my best friends.

Good luck in Spain, Jonnie!

Until next time……Later!


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