Wednesday, December 7

This week at Fisher everyone is preparing for finals. As it is the last week of classes, review packets, lab practicals, and last chapter tests are being given. Everyone seems to be looking forward to not only the holiday break but also to next semester. Once again, it is time to start purchasing books. Good thing that the Fisher bookstore sells all of the required books. All you have to do is order them online and specify if you would rather have a used book or a new one. Used books will be given out based on how many are available from being previously sold back. The bookstore here on campus is affiliated with Barnes and Noble so if you have a gift card it makes it that much easier. Because it is almost finals week, the Library has posted its finals week schedule - it will be open until two in the morning! This is great for those of you that study best in a quiet room or in a group at a table.

There are also some more holiday events in the making here at Fisher. There have already been a few holiday dinners for various religious groups that anyone is able to take part in. If you are curious about a certian tradition of a religious group, you can bet you will find out about it here! Measure 13 (the acapella group here) is having a holiday recital on Sunday with Christmas songs, drinks, and cookies. I feel like it will be a great turn out because it will be the end of classes and the beginning of finals week. Also this weekend, there will be a Blizzard Bash! Sponsored by the Class of 2015 Student Government officers, food, music, a trampoline, and other fun activities will be taking place in the Student Life Center. They are even planning on have a horse drawn carriage!

I cannot wait for all of the festivities!

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