Monday, December 5

HI Guys!!

I hope you all had a great week and are getting ready for winter break!! School has been absolutely crazy for the last week and I can’t believe that this is the last week of classes. With it being the last week of classes that means that we have a ton of work to do and it’s beginning to get difficult to do everything. With all the stress that everyone is under it seems like everyone is getting sick. You will find that when you come to school that this will probably happen to you as well. It is important to stay in good health especially during finals. You can do this by making sure you get enough sleep. I know that it will seem almost impossible to get a good night of sleep, but in the end it is what will help your health the most. If you are already sick and feel like you should see a doctor then you can stop by the Wellness Center and the nurses there will help you out. There are many things you can do to keep from getting sick; these are just two of the easiest. Another thing that is important is to eat a good breakfast. Our dining service offers a wide variety of food, so you should never find yourself getting sick of the food. Fisher’s breakfast tends to be everyone’s favorite thing to eat. By eating a good breakfast it will give you the energy to get through the day and it has also been proven that people who eat breakfast before a test tend to get better grades on tests as compared to people who do not eat breakfast.

I hope you all have a great week and if you have any questions feel free to comment!!


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