Monday, December 5

Last week of classes

This is the last week of classes, so obviously every professor has given out papers, projects, and miscellaneous work for their class. Even more obvious is that I have been putting these homework assignments off for a while and now have to get them all done. But in typical college fashion, I put off the work some more and went out on a wine tour for my friends 21st birthday! It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about wine. I don’t really ever drink wine, but a lot of the places actually explained how they made it and all the background information so I learned a lot.

Sunday, I spent most of the day watching football. The Bills continued their annual collapse that lasts about 12 weeks. The worst part is that they were actually relevant the first 4 weeks. Typically they are irrelevant all season and then the last couple games they are like the last team that can get in if 4 teams lose, 1 team ties, and a cow jumps over the moon. Living in Bills territory is such a tease.

I’m in a fantasy football league with a bunch of my friends here at Fisher. My team has done pretty well all season, but just like the Bills, my team has some crazy outside chance of winning the points lead and record. In our league those two teams (or one team in some cases) win some money. I was all pumped up to make a run and was rooting hard for my players. Sadly though, they did not do that well this week and I’m facing a team that exploded today. So I wouldn’t say I’m going into the post-season on a high note, but luckily these players don’t even know they’re collectively a team! That’s the best part about fantasy football, your team is in no way a team. Just a random assortment of players that have no emotional connection to your team, so momentum is only really a myth in fantasy football.

Well, I should probably stop putting off this paper and project I have to due this week. Talk to you all next week!


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