Thursday, December 1

Thanksgiving break….Not a break at all.

Sometimes people think that they may miss home, and they cannot wait to have the next break in the academic calendar. I, however, think they are all crazy! Personally, I love this place, because the people on my floor, in other buildings, faculty, and staff all make up an even bigger family than the one I have at home. Let’s be real, my dad has seven brothers and sisters. There is a lot of family there. And still, when I leave Fisher I am just as anxious to come back here as when I leave my home in Alden. It is a great thing to go home and be treated like a long lost friend, but you don’t realize how close you are with such a large group of people until you all go home on break.

I was the last person to be picked up on the day before Thanksgiving break began. This gave me some time to think after I helped numerous people load their things into their cars, and the floor became quieter and quieter: an unnatural quiet. I figured out that these people all play into my life now in different roles. I have grown closer to twenty, thirty, forty new people in three months. That’s insane! You never realize how far away you each live in your lives outside of college, because most of the year they are all right next door. Four and five hours in travel time is not unusual to see as how long it takes you to find one of your new besties in college. I cannot just ride my bike to go see if they can come out and play. Going through life changing events, like living on your own in a residence hall in college does more to a group of people, boys and girls, than just make them all friends or neighbors. It makes you become a family with your struggles and misunderstandings as well as inside jokes and funny pictures to look at when you are ninety. These are the people I would go on any adventure with, and sometimes that is definitely put to the test. It’s nice to be back is the moral of the story.

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