Sunday, January 15


It is days like these I am genuinely thankful all of Fishers academic buildings are connected!
Here are some tips I found online to survive the harsh weather:

#1) Keep Yourself Covered - If you do find yourself caught outside in very cold weather, it is important to capture as much of your own body heat as you can. Did you realize that you lose almost half of your body heat from an unprotected head? It is crucial to have your head, neck, wrists, and ankles all covered up in extreme conditions.

#2) Avoid Getting Too Warm - This may sound counter-intuitive, but if you get too warm you will start to sweat. If you sweat, the dampness will decrease the insulation quality of your clothing. In addition, as sweat evaporates, your body cools down and that is not what you need at this point.

#3) Wear Layers - This may sound obvious, but there is more to it than putting on a lot of clothes. Sometimes when people get really cold they want to put on really tight clothing. But this is a mistake. The key is to have lots of loose layers that have air pockets in between them. The air pockets act as insulation and keep you warm. In addition, clothing that is TOO tight can cut off circulation and actually make you colder.

#4) Keep Your Clothing Dry - This can be quite a challenge if you are in a snowy environment. But it is absolutely crucial. The damper your clothing is, the colder you will become. If your clothing does become wet, you need to try to dry it as quickly as possible if you can. In addition, if you have anything waterproof that you can wear, you should wear it on your outer layer so that it will keep the clothing on the inside layers dry.

STAY WARM this weekend!

~Ed B.

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