Sunday, January 15

Hey everyone!

Well it's back to the schoolwork grind. I can't believe how fast winter break went by but I am quite excited to be starting a new semester. I had a good Christmas. My parents got me a kayak as a joint christmas and birthday present! (My birthday is next weekend!) I love it. It's bright orange! It was sad when I had to put it away in the garage but I really can't wait until spring to bust it out and take it for a test spin! I hope everyone else had a good Christmas as well.

Anyways, being back on campus is always a little strange after being at home for a while but the adjustment comes really fast and then it feels like I never left. It's always interesting to go to the first days of class and really see what the class your taking is going to be like. I am really excited about my class on the presidency. Seeing as how it is an election year, it should really make the class all the more interesting. My other classes look pretty interesting as well so I am thinking it is going to be a good semester. Right now, I am pretty busy with stuff for the Mock Trial team because we have an invitational on February 4th and then our regional competition on February 11! It's coming up fast so it's crunch time for our team to get everything ready. Despite being so busy, I am having a lot of fun with it!

Well better get a jump start on some homework...wouldn't want to get behind the first week ;)

Until next week.....
*Kate :)

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