Thursday, January 19

Let the second semester begin!!!

St. John Fisher has officially begun its second semester of classes, and I have submerged myself right into it. Looking back at how the infamous finals week for last semester went, I believe that my “stay cool and breathe” method worked out really well. I made sure to set some time aside to study for each exam and other projects that I had to do. Because my exams were later on in the week, I made sure to finish my other papers and portfolio work before I needed to focus specifically on the exams. As long as I didn’t let a question here or there distress me or a paper missing for my portfolio make me rip up the rest of my portfolio, I progressively got things done to my own satisfaction. Yes, before I reminded myself to breathe I was borderline ready to do those things. This goes without saying I stressed before I took a step back and told myself that I can get through it only if I stay calm. Therefore, the stress didn’t affect the rest of my time that I spent preparing for exams and final papers.

You know how a T-Rex can’t see you if you don’t move (ok in the movies)? Well, the same concept applies to finals week. In college there will be finals week, and students do have to work hard to get good grades. However, most students also get through finals week without being eaten by the T-Rex (oh wait again that is only in movies). St. John Fisher also provided their own method of helping students to sit back and relax. It is never good to have too much of a bad thing rule your life. Stress shall not win! I attended a relaxation event where I had acupuncture for the first time. They also gave out free back massages to students before or after they had acupuncture. This hour that I spent out of my room, out of the library, out of any sort of stressful environment, allowed me to release tension. It also felt amazing, and yes I hope to get poked by needles again when I am surrounded by stress! College knows that students freak out over finals week, so not only should you prepare yourself to stay calm, but they will be right alongside you (college that is) to make sure that you stick to the “stay cool and breathe method.”

Until next time….Later!!!


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