Sunday, January 22

Spring Event!

Hello All,

I am so excited to be back after a nice and relaxing holiday break! We just completed our first full week of classes, and things are starting to pick up around here. One of our major clubs on campus just announced something really exciting too!

The Spring Event Committee is a group that works all year long to plan a performance of some kind to come to Fisher. Sometimes they are musical groups, comedians, and really anything the campus seems to get excited over. Last year Sammy Adams performed at Spring Event and it was an awesome show. Spring Event just announced yesterday that this April Gym Class Hero’s will be coming to Fisher to perform!!! I think it is safe to say that everyone was really excited with the announcement. The show is going to be April 13th, and tickets are going on sale pretty soon. You should get some friends together and come see the show because you do not have to be a Fisher student to attend. It would be a great way for you to see Fisher and the awesome community we have here!

Talk to you soon!


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