Wednesday, March 28

Crazy for Community Service

Not only did some of my friends and I participate in Relay for Life this past weekend at St. John Fisher, but we also got up the next morning and built a house with Habitat for Humanity. Now let’s calculate how many hours of community service we did versus the amount of sleep/rest we were able to cumulate over a little more than a twenty four hour span. Well, we stayed at Relay for Life from 5:00pm. until 3:00am. That is a total of 10 hours of community service to start off with. Then, we rested between service activities for about 5 hours. We built at a site with the other Habitat for Humanity from 8:30am until 3:30pm for an additional 7 hours of community service. I know that when I got back from building the house I slept until about 8:00pm. This is pretty tough math to calculate, but that leaves probably most of the other volunteers and I doing a rough total of 17 hours of community service versus 9 hours of sleep. One day I will look back and be so incredibly proud of the people I participated with during this community service filled weekend with and myself that we sacrificed something as valuable as sleep for college students on a weekend to give back to the community in more than one way. We went from shedding tears and kicking cancer’s butt by walking around the track in the SLC at Fisher to hammering, painting, and sawing in downtown Rochester for a family in need of somewhere to call their own. These two volunteer activities may seem to be completely different, but really they are more alike than not. They both take two major issues in this area especially, cancer and poverty, and begin to work against the pain and suffering that these two evils have caused by taking each person and not only valuing their own work but also working for individuals in the future. At Habitat not only does the family that receives the house work on it with the other volunteers, but the people waiting on a list for a house of their own also help out during the day. Sometimes weekends, even days that are dedicated to volunteering really can help you to put your own life in perspective and realize how lucky you are to have what you have. I know I am so lucky to be at a college that has given me the opportunity to discover these values.

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