Wednesday, March 28


Boy do I want to be back on Spring Break! This week is brutal! There is so much work to be done, I never seem to feel finished with work here, it’s stressful! But it has been gorgeous all week, so that helps! One of my professors had class outside yesterday!! I loved it, we got to listen to his lecture while we soaked up some rays! I also ran in Hyde Park the other day. It was so nice I could simply run in shorts and a t-shirt! I even pushed myself to do SPRINTS around the park, crazy right! (I hate running but it felt so good!!) I realized that I did not bring that many summer clothes to London with me though, looks like I have to go shopping!!! This past week a friend from home, who actually is graduating from Nazareth College this semester, visited. She was studying in France for the semester and she is done with her internship and has some free time to travel so she stopped by London. It was fun to see a familiar face and hang out with her for a while. I once again was a tour guide for London! She wanted to see all the big things so we just took a long walk around London. It was a perfect day for pictures, so she was happy. I promise you it doesn’t only rain here!!!! It’s a myth! She only stayed for two days because she had to catch an early flight, but that was fine by me because I got to see her for a little bit!

I have a big to-do list for this weekend. Other than the insane amounts of homework I have to accomplish I plan on: hitting up one of the local markets with my roommate, go to PoundLand (similar to the Dollar Store) to get some junk food, looking for the house from the Parent Trap movie, visit a long-time friend of my Mom’s from when she was in London, and have a picnic in the park!! Oh we also want to go inside the Kensington Palace because it just re-opened!! There is a Princess Diana memorial in there and all my friends and I really want to see it.

This semester is going by way too fast, I have so many things that I want to do still, it’s crazy!! Well, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I know you are having gorgeous weather there as well so soak up those rays while you can, since you never know what will happen with the weather in Rochester!



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