Wednesday, March 21

Happy day: it’s hot outside!

So I believe that we have skipped yet another season and gone right to summer, wouldn't you agree? Well, I am all right with that this time around. St. John Fisher College is blossoming at full strength. It’s the first week of really nice weather, and people are already outside tanning, reading, and playing things like Frisbee together. The only thing missing at this point is a beach! I love seeing everyone going out and relaxing after they are done with their classes and in between homework time. If you didn't believe me before when I said that St. John Fisher was like a family, then if you take one look outside of my dorm window into the LeChase Commons you might be reassured. Sometimes people forget how wonderful giving up TV and video can be in return for some beautiful time spent in some beautiful weather. I am overjoyed to see that so many people here at Fisher share a common enjoyment of the outdoors as I do.

Right now however, I do not have as much time as I like to enjoy the sunshine. Yesterday though, I finished up my service for my service hours at the Rochester Psychiatric Center. You never really know how much you impact and help people until it’s too late and you are on your last day with them. I always thought that I was more of a burden, because people always had to find help for me, but now I realize that anywhere can use a willing hand. Also, yesterday I volunteered at the Sojourner House in Rochester. This is a place that women can go if they need somewhere to live for 3 to 6 months when in need of shelter. Thanks to Fisher I have these opportunities to get involved in activities like this that relate to future career goals, as well as watch the women’s little children for a bit to give them a break. How fun is that? Service and the outdoors are two very different enjoyments of mine, but Fisher has allowed me to embrace these enjoyments. That’s why I love it here!

Until next time…..Later!


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