Tuesday, March 20

Hi Guys!!

Like I told you last week, I was just getting back from my spring break so I had a good amount of things that I needed to catch up on. I had a test last week and a couple of homework assignment due which kept me pretty busy. I have 3 weeks of classes left and I am really looking forward to the end of the semester. This semester has been super hectic for me and I am ready for summer. We have been really fortunate that the weather has been so nice here lately and I have been doing all my work outside so I can enjoy the weather. It is crazy to think that this time last year we were getting tons of snow and it was still really cold out. Now that the weather is nice you see a lot more people outside doing homework or just relaxing. It’s a little more difficult though to get work done because the nice weather makes it hard to concentrate. For now I am going to do my best to get as much work done as possible while enjoying this beautiful weather and I hope you do too! Have a great week!


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