Wednesday, March 21


I didn’t get to blog last week because I was away on Spring Break! It was the best spring break I have ever been on! My Aunt, from New York, came over to London on the Thursday before spring break!! I was so excited to see her and show her London because she has never been to England. So for Thursday and Friday I showed her all of the touristy things of London. We went to Big Ben, rode the London Eye, explored the Tower of London, went to the theatrical production Jersey Boys, and took her to a few local British pubs for fish and chips! It was awesome! Then we woke up super early (5 AM) on Saturday to fly out of London to Amsterdam, Netherlands. From there we traveled by train, the Eurail, through Europe! We went to Antwerp and Bruges in Belgium; Cologne and Munich in Germany; Zurich, Switzerland; and Venice, Italy! We did all these cities and countries in a week! IT WAS CRAZY! We were on the constant go, exploring each city. Europe is gorgeous, I loved everything about it! Some of the bigger things that we did were: went to the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, went to a bar made out of complete ice, Dachau Concentration camp, took a gondola ride, went to an Italian orchestra, and visited gorgeous churches, basilicas, palaces, and castles! Simply walking around the European cobble stone streets is enough to take your breath away! My Aunt and I would just wander around getting lost to see where we would end up! We also ate the traditional food for each country! Sometimes I would randomly pick something off the menu and taste it! (I used to be such a picky eater so I’m super proud of myself for eating everything!) Most of the food was so delicious, I loved the food in both Germany and Italy! I’m a huge fan of Italian food so you can imagine how much I ate in Italy! I couldn’t even tell you how many times I ate gelato for dessert :)

The week was spectacular, and my Aunt had a great time! We got back early on Sunday and I had to take her back to the airport! By the time I got back to my dorm I was EXHAUSTED! My feet were swollen from the week of constant walking and ‘on the go’. Needless to say I slept really great on Sunday night! I am so happy that my Aunt came to visit, I think it will keep off the homesick-ness until I come home in May! (Not that I want this experience to end!!) More to come,


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